Sunday, July 29

Havana Ginger Gloryhole Initiations

23 years old. 3 1/2 years has never done anything as flithy as this. First time gloryhole girl... hence initiations Everyone meet 1st time gloryhole-er Havanna Ginger. Havanna is 23 years old and in her won words, has never done anything as filthy as this. With that being said you might be worried that she won't put on a good show. Well that's where you are dead wrong. She LOVES the idea of sucking a strange man off. It really gets her going. So much so that after sucking for a short while, she decides it is time to back her ass up to the hole and fuck the stranger. Can you imagine? Fucking someone that you don't even know what they look like. You don't even know their name? Well, it turns out that's what really got Havanna going. And we know that's what gets you guys going too. So enjoy this one.

Tuesday, June 26

Havana Ginger In Transexual Team Work

I have a thing for she-male's. They know how to take my cock up their butts and ride it hard. And Jessica Foxx is no different. She is an Amazon when comes to strutting her stuff. But what I didn't expect was Chad Diamond to show up and join us. He came in and started sucking her cock like the good slave that he is. Now these two know how to please their mistress!

Wednesday, March 14

Havana Ginger In Big Tits Tag Teaming!

It looks like Savannah Stern and I made a mess with all this oil all over our tits. Oh well! Something tells me you guys won't mind. You know what would make this even better though? A nice big cock down our throats. I guess Savannah and I are going to be having a little blow job contest today. Any of you guys want to be a judge?

Tuesday, January 23

Havana Ginger Live On Webcam!

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Monday, October 9

Havana Ginger In Welcome To Your Pegging

Once I discovered strapons and pegging guys I knew that I had a new mission in life. It is an absolute pleasure to get behind Chad Diamond's cute little white ass and have him spread his butt cheeks wide open for the fucking of his life. Now, Chad has only one job. And that is to please his mistress. If he does that well then I will gladly butt fuck the shit out of him!

Monday, June 12

Havana Ginger In Real Wet Blow Job

Let me tell you, Justice just loves those blow jobs. And who can blame him. I have a reputation for sucking a mean dick. But I didn't know what Justice had planned for me today. It turns out he just wanted to slam my throat and make an absolute mess out of my face and tits. I love it rough but Justice loves it rougher...

Tuesday, April 25

Havana Ginger In Strap On For You!

Just so you have an idea how this night is going to go. I know that you have been thinking about this big dildo going up your ass you naughty boy. Because you like to be a submissive little sissy slut, isn't that right. Well, if that is what you want to be then I am going to make you mine. You and your asshole are here to please me and I am going to do whatever I want to you...